Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Tangle challenges and other drawing

Diva #320- Dansk

This was a fun tangle to draw. While looking at Margaret Brenmer's step out I looked at her other tangles. Didn't realise that one of go to tangles - Pixioze - one of Margaret's. I decided to use only Margaret's tangles in my tile. One tile then turned into two. Later this week it will turn into more as I set Margaret's tangles as inspiration for my Zentangle Apprentice class.

It was nice revisiting Skye. Remember when this tangle was everywhere in the land of Zentangle?

Diva #319 - beads of courage

Thanks for the lovely comments about my beads of courage tile and the story behind it. Here is a photo of my inspirational, supportive, amazing family. Photo was taken yesterday while on a spur-of-the-moment family picnic. 

Left to right are The Husband, BoyBoy (who turned 18 last week) and Moo (who is close to finishing her Arts Degree at uni). Faces are not shown as I have a thing about privacy - there are limits to what I post and share online. 

Opus tile

A couple of weeks ago I started an Opus tile based on drawings of the winter solstice that I've seen online. Finally finished the tile recently. The colouring was tedious. I'd much rather draw than colour in.


New on the Zentangle App is a tangle called Spoken. Had lots of fun playing with it while watching TV.

Kitty Pic

Had a lot of trouble completing the Diva challenge this morning as Arthur was more insistent than usual on getting head rubs. BoyBoy was home to take the photo. What you don't see in the shot is the dirt Arthur left behind on my tiles and table. He'd been outside earlier digging in the veggie patch so his feet were filthy.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Tangle challenges

Again I haven't been doing much drawing this week. Things are OK but just not in the drawing mood I guess. 

Winter is here and I'm enjoying getting out in the garden collecting fallen leaves to add to our compost bins. Winter in Canberra often means still, clear and very cold days. Love it. Looking forward to skiing again this year.

Diva #319 - Beads of Courage

I took inspiration from the Diva's question about who gives us courage. 

There's a line in Romeo and Juliet which my Year 7 English class was reading today. In Act 2 Scene 2 Romeo says to Juliet, "Look thou but sweet, therefore thy kinsmen are no stop to me". Romeo is telling Juliet that if you look at me sweetly, then I can fight off any enemy. 

With the love of my husband and children, I can fight off anything. They give me courage.

My tile today is formed by 3 interlocking rings. The tangles are all my go-to tangles, which I thought fitted the theme: go-to tangles for my go-to people.

Made by Joey

I've been trying to catch up with these challenges. I did U a few days ago and V tonight. Maybe on the weekend I can get up to this week's challenge which is W.

Bathroom renovations

Over the last week all the tiles have gone in along with the basin and shaver cabinet. The green tiles are what we see from our bedroom. Very, very pleased with how it all looks.

Kangaroo photos

The Husband took these photos last weekend. We were walking the dog on the hill, only 10 minutes walk from our house. This mob of kangaroos were out in force, sitting in the sun. This mob numbered about 100 females and young and some males. I see kangaroos most days of the week but still get a thrill when I see them. From here the city centre is about a 20 minute drive. Parliament House is about 40 minutes away. Love being so close to nature.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Tangle challenges and other stuff

This week in my house we are making slow progress with the bathroom renovation. Lots of action last week but nothing so far this week. The floor tiles are down and then  ...... we wait.

I've hit the super busy part of term, with marking and reports. Some of my students have produced brilliant work while too many have not submitted their current assignment. It's soooo frustrating when students don't hand in work. They are capable if they just put a bit of effort in.

BoyBoy is part way through a 3 day workshop at the Australian National University's School of Art. This workshop is for prospective students to come and try out all the facilities. BoyBoy is loving it. This is where he hopes to study next year with the aim of becoming a sculptor. 

Diva #318 - Diptych

I haven't seen the Kitchen Table Tangle for this one so I'm relying on what the Diva and other Tanglers have done to help me understand the challenge.

I made 3 tiles, with the final one being the only one I like. If anyone can identify the Tangle I used in the hinge for my 3rd tile, I'd much appreciate it. Mariet used it on a ZIA that she showed on her blog this week.

Here are my tiles.

Other drawing

Not much time or energy for drawing at the moment. I will catch up with the Made by Joey challenges soon. I've come too far to stop now.

Here is an Opus tile that I've been working on. It's based on a image of the Winter Solstice that I've seen variations of online. Hopefully I'll finish it over the next week or so. So far it includes Poke Leaf, Gnarly and Hollibaugh.

This week's Kitty Pic

This is Arthur sleeping under the covers of the bed in the study/ art studio. It's his favourite place on winter evenings, even when I'm not in here drawing or working. 

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Tangle challenges and other stuff

Not much drawing going on at the moment. Lots of other things though, including a couple of days off school with my first cold of winter. A few days of quiet, Netflicks and napping helped that. 

Continuing to work with my personal trainer. He was in the gym this afternoon while I was doing one his circuits. That made me work just that bit harder, so hard my arms were jelly for some hours afterwards. The gym continues to be a happy place for me.

Diva #317 - Photo challenges

This is a completely new technique to me. I have created two tiles for the challenge without looking at anyone else's work beforehand other than the Diva's tile. It will be interesting to compare my approach to that of other Tanglers.

I think my group of Zentangle Apprentices will enjoy this challenge too. Check back here in a few weeks so I can show off what they come up with.

Here are my tiles.

Other drawing

Not much happening in that area. I did spend some time with a stencil. This stencil creates paint splatter shapes.

Bathroom renovations

Our house is 16 years old and in need of a bit of an update. Our ensuite bathroom is our first major project. We are not doing any of this ourselves. We have neither the skills nor the time. The main bathroom comes next.



Autumn colour

Our street trees are all Manchurian Pear, I think. Ours develops a lovely glow when the afternoon sun hits it. Lovely. 

Kitty Pic

Thanks for all the well wishers for Arthur. He has fully recovered. Note to self - don't get his nails clipped again. Here's Himself attacking a duster. I got the duster out after the dust from our bathroom reno covered every surface in my bedroom.

Have a great week and thanks for your comments. They make my heart sing.

Miss L

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Zentangle drawing

On Sunday I bought myself some stencils to use with my Zentangle art. You'll see evidence of these below in my Diva Challenge, Made by Joey challenge and in my other drawing. 

Today is my day off work - my health issues limit me to teaching only 4 days a week.

Today I'm:

  • drawing and blogging
  • driving my son to college - he could catch a bus but his bed is soooo warm and I'm such a good mum, yadda yadda yadda
  • catching up on marking and lesson planning
  • going to the gym for a 30 minute session with my personal trainer, Nick. My weight is not budging but my size is going down. I now see the gym as a place to unwind and relax, even though I 'unwinding' means I push myself to jelly legs state each time.
  • Going to school in the afternoon so I can run a Google Apps for Education professional learning event for staff. This is a new, exciting and unexpected direction for me and I'm loving it.
  • Having play time with Arthur the cat.


Here are the stencils I bought on the weekend. Looking forward to seeing what I can do with them.

Diva Challenge - #316 - stripes

This was fun. And how suited to the brick stencil!

Made by Joey

This week is the letter T which brings me Tamisolo, Tessell and Tattle.

Other drawing 

Followers of the Zentangle App would have seen a recent Kitchen Table Tangle about Dingbatz. Here's one I drew in my Zentangle Journal. I continued to play around with Molygon.

Zentangle + Spray Mists + Zentangle Primer Reticula + Stencils = these tiles

Kitty Pic

Here's Arthur getting in the way - again - this morning. Me sitting at my desk or computer obviously means time for cuddles. 

Arthur update

Had to take Arthur to the vet this morning for an emergency visit. His dew claws were bleeding. Not badly but enough to need attention. The vet thinks he was climbing a tree after getting his nails clipped last week, he slipped, scrabbled for a hold, then partially shredded his claws and took skin off the pads of his dew claws. Sounds worse than it is, although Arthur would still like lots of sympathy. Here's a pity pic.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Diva twice this week

Thanks so much for the comments on my post yesterday. Much, much appreciated.

Deanne said that my first tile is reminiscent of Shelly Beauchamp's work. That is such a compliment. Shelly is actually the only CZT that I have met in person. I've spent a couple of days with her twice in the last two years. My next visit is coming up in under 2 months. It is so lovely to me that someone can see her influence in my work.

Diva #315  - again

Couldn't resist playing some more with Molygon. And besides, I had to post again to put up my Made by Joey challenge.

Here's today's tile.

Made by Joey

This week the letter was S and the feature tangle was Sandswirl. I added Showgirl, Shattuck (one of my go to tangles) and Skwirl.

Arthur Weasley the cat

Here's a photo of my adorable kitty Arthur Weasley. He's playing in the cat tunnel. We bought this tunnel many years ago for Dobby when he was a kitten. The next cats - Luna then Arthur - love it. They chase each other through and around it.

Both cats are off to the groomers for some cleaning tomorrow. Arthur's white feet are not white and Luna just be bothered with the whole grooming business. She does like having it done for her. 


Miss L

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Tangle challenges

This week.  Mmmm. Busy. It was my birthday last weekend. Cancer fatigue is making its presence felt. Not much drawing happening. Work is going very well. Totally loving my school (I've only been at this one since Feb this year). Hundreds of spring bulbs planted and a couple of camellia bushes. Binge watching 'Life below Zero' and 'Brooklyn 99' on Netflix (one is observational reality TV, the other a sitcom). Re-reading the Harry Potter series for the many-ith time.

Diva #315 - Molygon

This is a tangle I have tried numerous times since it was introduced early last year but not to my satisfaction. If I get the shapes OK, I stuff up the fill or the other way around. This time I watched the Kitchen Table Tangle video. I also paid more attention to my take offs and landings.

My first tile is my attempt at closely following the video (afterwards, not during as that has proven impossible for me in the past). While it doesn't look like Maria's I'm still quite pleased with it. Maybe I've got the knack of this tangle now?

Following this success I created another tile. So brave of me. For this one I went to the Molygon step outs to get ideas for filing them. I ended up filing them with a sort of Flux. I then added Tropicana as a ribbon to finish off, with little bits of Molygon escaping. 

Made by Joey

I haven't done this one yet. I'll get there later in the week.

Other drawing

I played around with the new tangle from last week's Diva challenge (can't remember what it was called) and an ensemble. It looked better in my head than in reality. Oh well.

Thanks for dropping by. I do visit lots of your blogs but don't leave comments as often.

Miss L

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Tangle challenges

Not too much drawing happening lately. I've been busy gardening,  or rather shifting 2 cubic metres of mulch from the driveway so I can get my car in and out of the garage.  Finishing up tidying up the garage. And lots of school work. I'm teaching units that I've never taught before so it means I need to do more reading and planning than usual. 

Diva #314 - Scallamps

This is a new tangle for me. It does fit into my style of drawing. The tile below is one I started on the weekend, before the Diva released her challenge. I thought Scallamps fitted in nicely.

My 'tile' (A4 card) includes: Mooka, Rixty, Ellish and Scallamps with a little Crescent Moon and Tipple in the middle.

I'm finding that I rarely use the traditional Zentangle tiles these days. I'm more likely to use an Opus tile or some A4 artist's acrylic paper. I'm also very rarely using strings.

Here's my tile.

Made by Joey

This week is the letter R. Looking forward to getting off the alphabet and out of this hand made journal. The paper today decided to stretch and thin when I added a small amount of mist spray. Ahhhhh!

The tangles were simply Rysa, Rixty and Rain Dotty.

Other drawing

I've been playing around with Crazy Huggins recently, after working out how to control it. I now complete each segment before drawing the dots for the next.

This A4 'tile' includes: Huggins, Crazy Huggins, Rixty and Mooka, with Knightsbridge, Flux, Flukes Bubbles and Printemps inside some of the Crazy Huggins.


A new personal best: I'm pushing 60kg on the sled. Legend!

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Tangle challenges

Today is the last day of school holidays. Even though I've been teaching for over 10 years, I'm still nervous the day before term starts. I'm ready for the term, I'm looking forward to working with the kids, I like my new school, I have some fun technology to play with, but I'm still nervous.

There's always that little voice of doubt that asks: have you prepared enough? Do you really know what you are doing?

These holidays have been very different. Started off with a technology conference for a couple of days, then a few days of cleaning out the garage and doing a lot of gardening and tidying up. A few days on my own bushwalking, horse riding and driving, a few days sick with hives (ended up in Emergency one night, the itch was so bad), a few days doing school work, more gardening and a few visits to the gym in amongst it all. 

Diva #313 - Earth Day

I started this tile last night, before the Diva released her challenge. I think it fits. It was one of those times where I started with a vague idea and then kept adding to the tile, very much in the Zen moment of it all.

It's on A4 card, with metallic gel blue pen, some Zen Gems (where have they gone this year?),  lots of Poke Root and Flux.

Made by Joey

We are up to the letter Q. For this challenge I used Q-Belle, with Quare and Queen's Crown. I tried to add gold-ish coloured pencils for some colour but that didn't work out so well.

Looking forward to finishing the alphabet challenges so I can get out of the diary that I've been using. The paper is soft and hard to work with. But I set myself a goal of completing them all in this diary so complete them  I will.


I've been a regular at my local gym for the past months. Recently I started working with a personal trainer, Nick. While my weight is stable and not going down, my strength and fitness have been increasing to an extent I didn't think possible.

Here is my favourite piece of gym equipment. It's a sled.

What you do is push the sled from one end of the grass carpet to the other. One direction you push using the vertical poles, which is the easiest way. Then on the return you push using the low horizontal bars. It works your legs and butt very hard, as well as all those upper body muscles you didn't know you had.

I started out barely being able to push 20kg. Now I'm up to 50kg. Nick has dared me to push him. I reckon I could do that in a month or two, or maybe three.  Seeing progress makes me try even harder. Loving it.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by. Your support and encouragement does make a difference.

Miss L

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Zentangle challenges

Hi all. Thanks for all the positive feedback I've been getting lately. I truly appreciate the comments, feedback and support.

At the moment I'm sick with the worst case of hives I've ever experienced. I'm doped to the eyeballs on antihistamines, steroids and tiredness. 

Diva challenge #312 - coffee, tea or me

This week's challenge was to use a stain or spill as a string. The spills in both tiles are mist sprays applied to water spills.

First tile is Crazy Huggins, Frunky and Bubbles. Tip for creating Crazy Huggins - complete each Hug before drawing the dots for the next Hug. This helped me ensure each Hug went the right way and that I had the right amount and placement of the dots.

Second tile is a tangellation of Zenith, with Printemps and Florz.

Made by Joey

This week's letter was P. Very hard to choose with P tangles - Printemps, Paradox, Pixioze, Ponio, Poke Leaf or Poke Root?

I kept it simple with the featured Pea-Fea (new to me), Prestwood (which I found on Ilse's tile and is new to me), plus Pixioze and Printemps.

Other drawing

I was very productive over the Easter. We filled a massive skip with rubbish and I completed several Opus tiles. The first tile is a combination of Dingbatz (you need the Zentangle Mosaic to see the video for these) and some striped flowers that Michele Beauchamp has been using in her work lately.

Travelling Solo

I've been away for most of the last week travelling on my own. I stayed in a little town called Jindabyne which is the gateway town to the Snowy Mountains. 

Snow gums and storm clouds, Charlotte's Pass

Riding my new friend, Boofhead the horse.

Autumn colour, Thredbo River.

Have a good week.

Miss L