Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Tangle challenges

Diva #294

This week's Diva challenge uses Reticula and Fragments from the Zentangle Primer. I've been fortunate to own this book and the accompanying journal. After a few months of using both regularly I've slacked off. This week's challenge has been a nice reminder to get both books out again and get drawing.

Here are my tiles. The first uses a fairly standard square grid while the second uses reticula R-E 3. Some of the fragments are from the book while a couple invented themselves as I drew.

After a break from drawing it's been a pleasant evening getting back into it.

Diva #293

A few days ago I drew a tile for Diva #293 featuring Keeko. I use Keeko quite a bit. This time I drew a grid first then filled it with Keeko. Normally I'm quite free-handed with it. The centre is a fragment (square fragment  X7?).

Made by Joey 

Last week the Made by Joey was a finish my tile challenge with Mooka in the corner. Mooka appears in a lot of my work, often by accident. My pen just likes those shapes! The Mooka is surrounded by Pixiote. The green interior is a water colour pencil.

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Miss L

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Joey #138

This week it's another finish my tangle challenge. I have such fun doing these.

Tonight I sat down to draw, not intending to do the challenge, not then anyway. But I checked on the link and liked the challenge so I did it. 

Here are my two tiles.

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Miss L

Diva #292 - Eaxy

This week's Diva challenge was particularly challenging. The tangle was Eaxy. I  had several practices of this one, and looked at what other Tanglers had done. Still struggled, which is frustrating at the tangle looks great on Nadine's blog.

Here are my tiles. The first uses the design of a glass object I saw yesterday at the centre piece, with Shattuck running down the middle.

My second tile uses Viaduct,  Tattle and Ahh.

Other drawing

Nothing happening this past week. Instead of drawing I've been going to the gym; been busy at and with work; suffering badly from hay fever; and writing. I'm part way through a creative writing course that I've been attending one evening a week. It's getting me writing again.

Farewell dinner for Moo

This Sunday by lovely, lovely daughter Moo flies out to New Zealand for a 3 week holiday. Australian's like to joke that travelling to NZ is not overseas at all. It is. She needs a passport and plane.

Moo is joining a tour, so she'll be with other people. She doesn't know any of them but that will change soon enough.

To celebrate this big event and to send her off, we had a special dinner last Saturday. There were 6 of us at dinner: The Husband, BoyBoy, Moo, B - Moo's best friend and my sorta daughter, Wookie - B's boy pal and my sorta son-in-law once removed, and myself. We went to a restaurant that serves food and games.

Here's a pic of their games menu.

The service was ordinary, the food less than ordinary, but the one waiter who understood the games menu and our needs made the night.

Saturday night games night has been an institution in our family since the kids were little. Other families have movie nights. We have games. Uno, Cluedo, Monopoly, Scattergories, Spoons - nothing complicated. It's a bonding thing and a chance to laugh at each other.


My son attends our local college. The college had their end of year art showcase and my talented, amazing BoyBoy had several pieces on display. Most of his friends had work in the display as well, making me a very proud mother.

Here's a pic of his major work titled 'A Perfect Hand'. BoyBoy's work is the giant hand in the centre of the photo. The hand is about 40cm tall, hollow and completely hand made. BoyBoy hopes to attend art school at university to study sculpture.

Have a good week.

Miss L

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Diva #291 - black tiles

This week's Diva challenge was on the theme of Halloween. If not Halloween then black tiles. I only use black tiles when I'm challenged to. Never by choice, although participating in a challenge is a choice ......

Right. My tiles.  The collection below are my failures. I tried using a gel pen. I tried using a spider web as a string. Nope. Not happy with any of them.

Maybe I was simply too tired last night to draw.

Tonight I was more relaxed and I treated the black tiles the same as a normal white or tan tile. My first uses Buttercup, Flux, and W2. My second uses a spiral string and is a monotangle of Ponio.

Other drawing

I've been playing around with Ponio lately. The first tile uses Ponio with 'Dillo and Huggins. The second tile combines Ponio with Shattuch and Mooka and some random swirly things. My fixation with spray mists continues.

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Miss L