Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tangle challenges

It's been a big week here. It's nearing the end of the school year so there lots of marking and school reports to do. Also a few annual medical appointments to get to etc. Busy, busy.

This week my daughter, Moo, had her final exam for her Arts Degree. Waiting to hear whether she's been accepted into the Honours program for next year. And my son, BoyBoy finished his final year of high school. His next step is to find an apprenticeship in a metal-based business. He'll do that while continuing his studies in ceramics in his own time. 

Big changes ahead for both kids and therefore for both parents. Future looks good for all of us.

Diva #341 - Go big or go home

I love that phrase. It is commonly used in Australia as well as, obviously, Canada and the US.

I chose to use an A5 sheet with Sharpie markers and some Inktense coloured pencils. My tangles are two variations of Bales joined with Hollibaugh and what was meant to be 'Nzeppel but it didn't turn out that way.

Zentangle Project Pack 01 

Not sure when Zentangle released this pack of goodies but it was in their online shop when I recently ordered more tiles so bought a Project Pack too. The videos for the pack were released on the weekend.

Since then, I've been madly tangling and posting my artwork on the Zentangle App, as have lots of other people.

You don't need the Project Pack to watch or complete the videos.  As you can see in my Diva tile, I used the Bales videos 1 and 2 in that tile and the pack certainly did not come with Sharpies. 

Here's two of my tiles.

More drawing

Following from the Diva's go big theme, I finished another Opus tile this week. I'm continuing to incorporate Bijouisms into these tiles. I'm finding it to be a very calming series of tiles. For those of you yet to try an Opus tile, they offer a different experience to the usual Zentangle tiles - more space for more tangles, more flow, more freedom and more space for your creativity to take flight. For me, they are an essential part of the Zentangle experience.

Ru Paul and my love of Drag

There is an English saying which is "Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt" (see more here). This week I saw another drag show and bought the T-shirt.

The drag queen was Bianca del Rio (look her up) and she is a comedienne. Her humour is nasty and very, very funny. Plus she always looks amazing. Here's me 'modelling' the T-shirt when I got home. The connection to Ru Paul is that Bianca won Ru Paul's Drag Race a few years ago. 

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Tangle challenges

Diva #340 - Wibble

I've seen this Tangle before but couldn't make sense of it until I watched The Diva draw it. And how lovely is it to watch Laura draw while she chats about her drawing and her family? When talking about the recent snow fall, she said that it wasn't too cold yet, only minus 17. Not too cold? I cannot imagine what that cold would feel like. But then I guess northern hemisphere people can't imagine what our  summers are like, with days typically above 30 and heat waves of 35+.

Here's my tile. Somehow I managed to draw the inside swirl in one almost continuous line. 

Joey's challenge #190 - 3D cube string and Metal Plating

This one was fun. Will have to remember to use it again.


The Zentangle blog has lots of references to Bijou and his words of wisdom to help us use the Zentangle method properly. I have these words pinned to the noticeboard at my drawing desk.

Recently I was struggling with an inability to stay focussed. I had trouble sitting still, and in doing only one task at a time for long enough to get things done. Sitting at my desk I read some of the Bijou-isms and decided to create a tile featuring some.

I've finished one Opus tile and have almost completed a second. Here's my first. The process of creating this tile made a significant difference to my ability to focus and concentrate over the following days. It was almost like pressing the reset button in my brain.

Other goings on

My son's college (Year 11 and 12) had their annual art exhibition yesterday. My son had several pieces on show, including this one. The object is a ceramic vessel made using coils. The vessel is about 40cm tall. So proud of my Boy.

Last weekend Moo and I travelled up to Sydney to see a drag show. The show featured Drag Queens that have been on Ru Paul's Drag Race. Ru Paul's Drag Race is becoming very popular in Australia and the Queens regularly perform here. 

The performer pictured below is Alaska (season 5 runner up and All Stars season 2 winner). Next week we see Bianca Del Rio in Canberra. Look her up - she is fabulous!

Here's Alaska.

Have a great week and get into some Bijou.

Miss L

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Tangle challenges

This week has been the quiet before the storm and the storm has just hit - end of year marking, reports and planning for next year.  Two classes sat tests today, and the reports data base opened, so it's busy, busy for the next few weeks.

Yesterday I took advantage of the quiet to do lots of exercise. First a session with my personal trainer then my son and I went to an indoor bouldering centre. Bouldering is rock climbing without ropes and with less height. 

Here's my favourite photo - me crashing after trying to do a hard move. I'm grinning like a mad thing. Loved it. Proud of myself for now having the strength to do these types of things. There's more photos on my post from yesterday.

Diva #339 - Hallow/Autumn

I live in Australia and it is spring here. My house is filled with the perfume of our mandarine tree which is covered in blossoms. My inspiration for my first tile came from this tree. 

Here's the tree itself. 

Couldn't resist trying my hand at Gourdeous. Haven't used this tangle for a long time.

Made by Joey #189

Joey is continuing with 3D shapes. Here's my tile.

Sakura Website

The Sakura website is a pretty interesting place to visit and to find inspiration. There is a section called 'Zenspirations". I found a project there combining water colours and Tangles to create a universe. This project was much harder than it looked. Fun though. Here's my best.

Zen in the Mail

Got home from bouldering with BoyBoy to find this on my doorstep. Very excited to have my supplies re-stocked. 

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

Miss L

Fitness freak

This is not a post about Zentangle. Or travel. It's about me getting and being fit.

Recently I went to an indoor rock climbing wall with my son, BoyBoy. For the first time in many, many years I actually climbed instead of just belaying (holding the rope) for someone else, usually BoyBoy.

Then I found out about a new(ish) bouldering centre. Bouldering is rock climbing but without ropes and with less height. Yesterday BoyBoy and I gave it a try. The centre is called Bloc Haus.

Earlier that day I had a session with my personal trainer, Mean Man, at my local gym. Mean Man (I hope you like your pseudonym Mean Man - I never use real names on my blog). I've been seeing Mean Man (MM) for over 6 months for strength and fitness training. As usual, the circuit killed me. There's no point going if it doesn't but boy do those circuits hurt! I swear at MM a lot but he only laughs. He knows I'll have this circuit down by the time I see him the next fortnight.

Anyway, I'd already had a hard session before I went rock climbing/ bouldering.

Here are some photos. I know I look fat and out of shape but at least I was there and giving it a red hot go. The other women there at the time were at least half my age and the oldest of the men was at least 20 years my junior. I may be lumpy but there are muscles under that flab.

The photos feature either myself or BoyBoy.

Go me. 

Miss L

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Tangle challenges

Today got off to an interesting start. I drive a Mini Cooper S and I took it to the Mini dealership to get serviced. I was given a courtesy car to drive. I was expecting something old, cheap, functional to drive. Instead the courtesy car was a BMW.

For those not into cars, the courtesy car would be worth much, much more than my Mini to buy new.  It was a nice car to drive, even just for the morning.

Diva #338 - white on black

White on black is about my least favourite combination for drawing. I tried though, using a black art journal that I have barely ever used. Here are my tiles.

Made by Joey #188 - Frunky

Frunky is a tangle I like to use but forget that it exists unless prompted in a challenge.

Zentangle Inspired Art

I've been playing around with a new set of water colour pencils, trying to get a 3D effect from colour blending. I used a variation of Mooka for my shapes.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Tangle challenges

No blogging for me last week but lots of drawing.

The no blogging was because I spent a couple of days last week in Adelaide (a city over 1,000km away from my home) presenting at a conference. The conference was about how teachers use ICT and I was there to show people how to use a particular application.

This was the first time I'd ever presented at a conference before, of any type. It was a huge honour to be asked and a massive experience for me to actually do it. It also represents a new direction for me in teaching. These days I'm becoming good at teaching teachers how to use computers. This is not a direction I would ever have expected or thought possible. Very interesting times ahead for me.

So, no time to post but I have been drawing.

Diva #337 - Artoo

I liked Laura's triangular tile this week but don't like using them myself - I'd rather go big than small. However, I did use the triangle as a string. Here's my tile. It's on a renaissance tile as I'm running low on normal tiles - my next order should be here soon.

Made by Joey this week

This week's challenge was to use a 3D cube as a string as well as Betweed. Not sure that I like my result but here it is anyway.

Made by Joey last week

This is final week of the Tangle Mosaic challenge. Patience was something I struggled with in this challenge. Happy with the end result though.

Other drawing

I've been following Eni Oken for some time and have downloaded some of her lessons. This week I played around with her Tangled Ropes lesson.  This was lots of fun. Here are some examples.

Art Journal

My intention of adding to this every day was not realistic. That's OK. I do use it a couple of times a week. I find it good for focussing on the Zen of Zentangle - the process and the focus and the relaxation. Here's something I did last week. Dinner got delayed that night.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Zentangle challenges

Diva #335 - Tint

This is a new tangle for me. I added Bunzo and Dicso to it after reading blog posts about #inktober. I've printed the list of #inktober tangles as a reminder to use a greater variety of tangles in my every day drawing.

Here's my tile.

Made by Joey

I don't get to these every week. Today I've done two week's worth. Here they are.

Then all together. Only one more week and one more tile to go.

Other drawing

I often browse the Zentangle App when I'm waiting in doctor's surgeries or waiting for a plane. Recently a tile from Shelly Beauch came up. I admire the way Shelly seamlessly combines tangles. There is so much to learn by studying her work. I used the lastest tile from Shelly as my inspiration/ model for this tile. My tile is on A5 paper.

Art Journal

My Art Journal is new. I'm trying to add to it regularly. Here are two recent additions. The second celebrates my 23rd wedding anniversary. Twenty three years and still going strong.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

Friday, 29 September 2017

Zentangle challenges and art journalling

It's school holidays here and spring. This week I've been away to Melbourne for a few days and have done some spring cleaning since I got home. First room to be cleaned is my study - haven't seen the top of my desk for some months and it had to be fixed!

My recent lack of Zen-spiration has ended. I'm drawing often and being more creative in what I draw. You'll see some results in this blog.

Diva #334- Crazy 'Nzeppel

I drew my first tile for this challenge after going to see an exhibition showcasing 70 years of the House of Dior. You can see the dress shape I used as my string. More on the exhibition below.

My second tile used a similar string to that used by Molly in the video. BTW - the Sakura America website has so much fun stuff to explore - check it out. Here's my tile.

Art journal

While exploring Melbourne CBD over the last few days, I found an art shop. Couldn't resist buying more coloured pencils and a new art journal. The journal is 5 inches square - perfect for Zentangle. Here's the journal and some of my drawings. I'm hoping to do one a day. We'll see how that goes.

House of Dior

My friend and I went to Melbourne to see Shakespeare played in a recreation of the Globe Theatre. We saw Much Ado About Nothing - hilarious! Nothing beats seeing these things live.

While in Melbourne we went to the 70 Years of Dior exhibition. I loved the exhibition so much I went back the next day for another, closer look. How can dresses make you feel so happy? I don't wear clothes like this. I don't read fashion magazines. I'm a jeans and boots girl and don't even own a single dress. But this exhibition made me feel joy. I had chills, it was just so breathtaking. Here's just two of my photos.

A bit of rock'n'roll

Last night The Husband and I went and saw one of my favourite singers, Dan Sultan. Dan knows how to rock a stage. And because it was held in a night club and not a theatre, the audience were able to dance. Loved it. 

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L