Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Tangle challenges

This week in Canberra the weather is hot. Really, really hot. I'm talking heat wave conditions with temperatures above 35 degrees every day. It's the sort of heat that gives you sun burn when only in the sun for 10 minutes. 

Luckily here it is a dry heat which is not as hard to deal with as humid heat. 

I'm currently savouring my last week of holidays before returning to work and a new school next week. Getting lots of drawing in and getting ready to refurbish parts of our house. Bathrooms and window furnishings are top of the list. More on that in the weeks to come.

Diva #299 - Drawings

This is a tangle that I tried last week during the 12 days challenge in December. Didn't like it, couldn't get it to work. Then I visited CharKat's entry for this week's challenge and I understood it better. 

Tip for drawing Drawings - start from the outside and work inwards. That gives a more natural flow to the lines. 

Here are my two tiles. The first uses a filler based on Bunzo while the second uses Dex and some Inktense pencils.

Made by Joey

This week's Made by Joey features Cat-kin and the letter C. I've added Curly-Q, Cathedral and Chard. I used a spray mist to colour the page. The mist took ages to dry, even in this heat and weakened the paper. Will have to use less next time. 

IAST #190

(post updated 19 Jan)

I don't always attempt Adele Bruno's challenges. There's only so many hours in the week for drawing!  I couldn't resist this week as it uses Paradox (we should all know this one), Fassett (which I used to use a lot but have forgotten) and Trimonds (a new one for me which I will try and use for often).

It took me a couple of attempts to get a tile that I was happy with. The first one is incomplete and in the bin. 

Here's my second one. Much too busy I think.

And now the tile that I submitted. The phrase 'less is more' comes to mind here.

Both tiles use yellow spray mist. The second also uses white pencil.

Colourful Arukas continued

I started playing with this style of drawing Arukas after reading Eni Oken's blog. Here are my latest (and possibly final) ZIAs in this series.

Thanks for your comments and for dropping by.

Miss L

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Tangle challenges and holidays at the beach

This week I have been away on holidays with my family. We had a week at Huskisson on the NSW South Coast. This was my 4th visit in 12 months. It's become a favourite place. My last visit here was for a few days on my own just before Christmas.

Anyway, I didn't do any Zentangle challenges until I got home today.

Diva #298 - Orbs-la-Dee

This is a new tangle for me, although I do use use a something like it which is based on Purk. I decided to use some colour today so I got out my Kaiser Mists.

My first tile uses Orbs-La-Dee with Florz and 'Nzeppel.

For my second tile I used B'twixt and Shattuck.

Made by Joey #147

This week's Made by Joey challenge was to use the letter B and B-twixt. I added Bubbles, Barber Pole, Batik and Bandola. It was fun looking for B tangles and finding ones that I haven't used in ages. I'm still getting to know the recycled paper in this journal and how it reacts to colour, pressure and pencils, shading etc. Gentleness is the key.

Other drawing

I spent hours drawing this week. Recently I signed up to emails from Eni Oken. I admire her use of colour and her bold approach to some well-known tangles.

Here's a ZIA based on Eni's interpretation of Arukas.

Here's a ZIA based on fish.

Catching the big one

Speaking of fish, my son, husband and I went fishing with a fishing guide. Well worth the money. Our guide has us targeting flathead. The biggest flathead I've caught would be about 40cm. On this day that was our smallest.

The Husband caught the first fish (60+ cm), BoyBoy caught the most (5 fish, each over 60cm, and one over 70cm) while I caught the biggest fish. My beauty was 83cm. She was tagged and released. We kept enough fish for two dinners and let the rest go.

It was THE BEST fishing experience we'd ever had. 

Here's some photos.

One happy dog

We took our dog Milo with us for the week. There were off-leash beaches for him to swim in. Here's a photo of one very happy dog. 

Have a great week.

Miss L

Friday, 6 January 2017

Exploring new tangles

Learning new tangles

This week I watched a Zentangle video class by Eni Oken. Eni is a CZT who publishes pretty amazing ebooks. Her books cover 3D tangling, shading, Zen gems and colour. 

Anyway, I attempted to complete a tile as I watched the video. While I kept pausing the video as I drew, I found the process was NOT easy. I ended up with a mess of a tile that I couldn't face shading.

Here's tile. It uses baton, marasu, joki, holibaugh, opus and pufcookie.

I then had another attempt after rewatching the class and taking more time over it. I didn't try to copy but rather used my own interpretation of the tangles and Eni' process. I took out Puf cookie as this tangle rarely works for me and replaced it with poke root. Here's my tile.

The particularly nice thing about Eni's video class is that I got it for free. I only found this out this evening as I was putting links into this post. I got the class for free as thanks for being a 'power supporter' of her site. Yay! Thanks Eni.

Tickled to Tangle

My main source of learning new tangles is through online challenges. I find that looking at lots of people's work is a better way for me to understand a tangle than by just going to the step-outs. 

This week's IAST challenge uses MySwing, zonked and pathe.

Here are my two tiles. In the first MySwing follows the string closely. In the second, MySwing lies under the string.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Daily drawing

Made by Joey challenge #146

This week Joey has combined her finish-my-tangle challenge with colour and the alphabet.

Here's her starting tile using A-dalpha.

Here's what I've done with it. I kept it simple by adding Waves and some colour.

I've chosen to complete these challenges in a special book. I purchased the book while on holiday in Tasmania last year, so it comes with nice memories. The book was hand made in Nepal. I found it in a museum in a fishing town called St Helens. The museum, among other things, celebrates the history of Chinese miners who came to the area in the 1850s to mine for tin.

I've been waiting for the right inspiration/ courage to start using it. Joey's series of alphabet based challenges is perfect. 

I found out while using the book that I'll have to be very gentle as the paper tears easily and doesn't take pressure. The paper is also full of imperfections, making it quite challenging to draw on.

Opus tiles

I've been continuing to play with Opus tiles and revisiting tangles and techniques that I learnt last year. This tile features bunzo-inspired stripes as a filling for squill, large and small Zen Gems, 3-loops-6 and some old favourites  - mooka, printemps, cadents, and bales.

Below my tile is a photo of my desk as I was working on the tile. You can see a copy of the 2016 edition of Tangle Patterns, a book by Eni Oken, a folder of challenge tiles (this is how I store all my tiles), and a book by Shelly Beauchamp, plus all my drawing paraphernalia. 

Thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

Friday, 30 December 2016

Make it bigger

This week has been a good week to draw. It's hot and humid, so I really don't have the energy to do much other other than read, what TV and draw. And eat. Trying not to eat so much.

This week I've been working on Opus tiles. I'm usually cautious about using them because they do cost a bit and I never think that I've got many on hand. However, I recently found a stash of them hidden away in a drawer. So, no excuses.

What do draw on them? Inspiration came as I looked through my tiles from this year that I've haven't filed yet. I normally store tiles in neat folders, complete with dates and tangles uses etc. But this hasn't happened for some time.

Anyway, I took inspiration from tiles I'd completed during the year for online challenges.

The first tile is from Made by Joey #131. Here's my original tile.

Here's my Opus version. Tangles used include: bubbles, crezendo, shattuck, tropicana, golven, bunzo + purk in a Zen Gem, W2, buttercup, moowa, mooka and pixioze.

My second tile comes from Made by Joey #141. 

My Opus version uses: pipez, wiffles, betweed, poke leaf, flukes, pixioze, dicso, printemps and tripoli.

Thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Made by Joey tiles

Happy New Year people. 

Made by Joey #144 and #145

Here are my tiles for these two challenges. Both feature the new tangle Drawings. I learnt this during the 12 Days of 3Zs challenge and like it so keep using it.

That reminds me - I have to check out Tanglepatterns to see when the new ebook of Tangles comes out.

Christmas Day at Chateau L

I had a lovely Christmas Day with my family (kids, husband, furry friends) and on the 23rd a lovely pre-Christmas with my extended family (my kids, husband, my sorta-daughter and her boyfriend who is my sorta-son).  

Here's Arthur wearing his Santa outfit. Luna was a reindeer. 

Something I learnt at Christmas - no matter how careful you are, new knives can be dangerous. Here's a photo taken at around the time most people would have been having Christmas lunch. No stitches needed but we couldn't be sure. 

My happy place

I took off to the coast for a few days on my own before Christmas. Canberra would be the perfect city if it was a couple of hundred kilometres east of where it is, putting on the coast. 

Here's a photo of me on my last morning at Huskisson, taken in the rain near Moona Moona Creek. I can spend hours walking on the beach, swimming in it, looking at it or just being near enough to smell it. 

Do you like my umbrella? I bought it when I was in Launceston last July, drawing with Shelley Beauchamp. Good memories.

My other happy place is, surprisingly, the gym. I've been getting back into the gym lately. I'm really enjoying getting stronger and fitter.

Here's a photo of one of the weights machines I use. Have to increase the weights next session as the 40kg I'm pushing is too easy. Who'd of thought that!!!!  So proud of myself.

Thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

Sunday, 18 December 2016

More tangle challenges

Finally found time to complete more Tangle challenges, including the final 12 days of 3Zs series from Zentangle Central.

Made by Joey

Made by Joey this week is another finish my tile challenge, this time featuring Verdigogh. I find this tangle is quite relaxing to draw. I do have to pencil in an outline first otherwise the shape gets out of hand and unbalanced.


Adele Bruno's It's a String Thing challenge was to use the new tangle Drawings. My attempt at this tangle reminded me of my favourite flower, which is a pink asiatic lily/ lillium so I added pink and yellow water colour pencils to my tile. 

12 days of 3Zs

Here are my tiles for the last few days. 

Where to next?

I think most of the tangle challenges are having a break for a few weeks. That won't stop me drawing though. I'm thinking of going back to basics for a while, using the first Book of Zentangle and the Primer, to refresh my skills and not try to be too clever.

I'm on school holidays for the next 5 weeks. It's summer here and hot. I'm taking a couple of days on my own down the coast, then back here for Moo's 20th birthday and then Christmas.

Thanks for dropping by. Happy and safe holidays to you all.

Miss L