Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Tangle challenges and other good things

Life is pretty fine at the moment. Work is wonderful. Love my students, love the opportunities to be a leader in my workplace and love the friendships I'm building. 

Our bathroom renovations are done. Very, very pleased with the work. Very, very pleased to have two functioning bathrooms again.

Everyone is happy, healthy and enjoying life. Even the dog is happy as I'm taking him out walking more often. (Walking the dog is normally what the Husband does but his working hours have been long so Milo hasn't been getting as many walks.)

Diva challenge #329 - Fragment D-1

I had a real Zen period as I was drawing this tile. Had some good music on and I was totally absorbed in the tile. Who needs to meditate when you can Tangle?

I did my next tile later in the day. Just as Zen.

Made by Joey

This is first of a 9 part ensemble project. Our first tile had to feature Africa Artist. This will be an interesting series I think.

Other drawing

I've been doing lots over the last few weeks. Here's just two. The first is another Opus tile with Zen Gems. This time I used less shading and shaded as I went to see if that made it possible to finish the tile within a reasonable time ie before I got bored. It worked. 

The tile is heavily influenced by a tile made by Shelly Beauchamp which she posted on the Zentangle App. I had it up on my iPad as I drew.

The second tile I'm showing is a Dingbatz style tile. This style is something that has come up on the App in the Kitchen Table Tangle series.

Ski season - yay!

It's peak ski season here. I live a good few hours drive away so it takes a bit of effort and organisation to get there. We drive part way there the night before, ski all day then drive all the way home. 

We went skiing again last weekend. The weather was terrible. Rain, snow, high winds, low visibility. Within just two hours of skiing we were wet. After four hours of skiing we were freezing, tired and thoroughly wet. Ski gear is great but cannot withstand hours of rain. The rain did stop for a while but then it snowed. The snow was OK except when the winds blasted it into our faces. Four hours in and we had to stop.

For the first time we got the GoPro to work properly. Below are some stills from it taken while I was wearing it. You can see that visibility was terrible. Poor visibility makes skiing dangerous as you can't see the shape of the snow. 

The second photo is BoyBoy (18) and on the left and the Husband (50) on the right taking our first break of the day, two hours into our ski. 

Highlights of the day were the joy of being on the slopes with my two favourite men. So, so special to share this love of skiing with these guys. We tackled a number of intermediate runs and some easier runs that we new to us. Great day. Pity the weather was so bad but it is peak snow season in the alps. Got to have bad weather sometimes. 

The place we ski'd was where I first learnt to ski over 30 years ago. It holds a special place, especially since those are the slopes where BoyBoy learnt to ski last year. 

I found myself getting quite emotional rewatching the video. I love my son and husband. I love spending this time with them. I truly, deeply love the place I was skiing in. And I'm so damn proud of myself for being able to do this. Breast cancer survivor of 10.5 years and counting. Yay me.

That's all for this week. Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for your comments, thoughts and prayers. 

Miss L

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Tangle challenges

Winter continues in this part of the world. For Canberra that means freezing nights and cold, clear days. For The Husband, BoyBoy and myself it also means skiing.

It's a bit of an effort to get to the snow. We drive to a town nearby ski fields the night before, ski all day then drive home that afternoon/evening. Recovery day is the Sunday.

BoyBoy only learnt to ski last year. This year he was at the same level as the Husband and myself. It was a great day. Perfect weather, perfect snow conditions. We got away from the crowds and had a blast. I got my rhythm back early, so it was just a fantastic feeling making turns, and gliding down the slopes. All that strength and fitness work that I've been doing this year paid off big time.

Hopefully we'll get another couple of days in over the next month. Ski season is short here.

Diva #327 - Diva Dancing in Lisbon

This tangle was new to me. I do like the story behind the design. My own 'tile' story is that we have added Mexican Talavera tiles to our bathroom. The Talavera tile design and process date back to the Spanish conquest of the Americas. We already have some of these tiles in our house - kitchen splash back, and highlights in our hallway and entry floors.

Here are some of the tiles in place on the side of our bath.

Here are my two Diva tiles.

Made by Joey

This week's challenge is to use a variation of Tropicana. I used both the variation and the original.

Other drawing

This first ZIA is me trying to be restrained. 

The second is an Opus tile, still incomplete, that I started working on when I got back from drawing with Shelly Beauchamp. The hold up here is the shading. I know that shading will make it look better but it is taking sooooo long to do. May not get around to finishing it. I still like the design though.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Tangle challenges

Thanks for all the comments and positive feedback on my blog and my drawing. Your comments make my day. It's nice that people enjoy photos of my silly cat Arthur. He is a wonder. 

We have two cats. The other is Luna. She is very much my daughter Moo's cat in personality and person preference: aloof to most people but friendly to a select few. Luna selects me occasionally. 

Diva #326 - How do I fit in?

This week's challenge was to use 'Nzeppel AND think about a time in our lives where we didn't fit in.

I drew two tiles for this challenge. The first is about a time when I didn't fit in, no matter how I tried. It was a difficult time in my life. I found it difficult to draw the tile too. The first part, the part representing myself, was OK to draw. Measured, careful, keeping myself in the box, within the lines. But then the parts representing where I was working was much harder. My take offs and landings were not clean and my lines wobbled. Shading was something I did quickly to get the tile done.

The second tile is about where I am now.  The tile speaks for itself.

A message to anyone who doesn't fit into their workplace or home place - do the work to get yourself out of there. It is sooooooo worth it to be free.

Made by Joey - #175 - Naida

This was a finish my tangle challenge featuring Naida. I added Diva Dance, Golven and Sandswirl.

More photos from Tasmania

Needed to finish this post on a happy note so I've put some photos I took at Trowunna Wildlife Park. The kangaroos were very tame. Guests were given bags of food for them so we could get close. I see kangaroos most days of the week but never get tired of seeing them or being close. 

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Tangle challenges

This week I'm back at work after the school holidays, back at the gym after a break, back at home with only one bathroom. The main bathroom may be finished in the next week or two. It's looking good. Would really, really like it to be finished though.

I have been drawing but the tile is a very detailed Opus tile that I don't want to rush. It will be ready next week.

Diva #325 - Peanuckle

Guest blogger Jessica encouraged us to love the Peanuckle. Sorry, Jess, but Peanuckle and I are not made for each other at all. 

I tried twice and in a notebook but it just doesn't feel comfortable or look good when I draw it.

Here are my tiles anyway.

Kitty pic

This is Arthur getting involved as I do some lesson prep today. Wish he would choose more convenient times for a cuddle and attention. It's very hard to type with a cat on the keyboard.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L

Friday, 14 July 2017

Tangle adventures

I've titled this week's post as Tangle Adventures as my tangling took me over 1,000km to Tasmania and a day and a half tangling with the magnificent Michele Beauchamp. This was my 3rd visit to her and she was as wonderful and inspiring as always.

I was actually in Tasmania for an English and Literacy Teachers conference. I attended that for 2 and and a half days in Hobart, then skipped the last day, drove north to Launceston for some drawing with Michele. After my time with Michele I headed west for a couple of days being a tourist.

I completed all my tangle challenges sitting by the fire in a cottage in Deloraine, which is small farming and creative town in Northern Tasmania.

Diva #324 - hearts

I did a couple of tiles. Here they are. The second one draws heavily on what I practiced with Michele.

Made by Joey #173 - twisted rope string

Some influence from MB being felt here too.

Drawing with Michele Beauchamp CZT

Michele and I started with a couple of warm up tiles and some chat. The chat is a vital part of the experience, for me anyway. By the middle of the second day though the chat stops as we both concentrate on our tiles. This too is a vital part - the sharing of the Zen of Zentangle. 

Here are the warm up tiles. I particularly wanted to learn how Michele creates those wonderful, shining, 3D bands. No metallic pens in sight! And I also needed a refresher on gems. The secret there is a lot more layers of colour than I'd realised.

After the warm up tiles we moved on to our renaissance Opus tiles. I think I need to order some tan Opus - they really take colour, as well as white and shade. 

Trowunna Wildlife Park

I visited this park once before and thought I'd drop in for half an hour or so, just to see some Devils. Ended up spending over 2 hours there and only left as I had other things to do before it got too dark.

The fur on the devils is about as soft and dense as that of a puppy. Feel very lucky to get up close to these animals.

The wombat in the photo is Wattle. At (only) 16kg and 18 months old, she is not full grown yet. 

Have a great week. Find a CZT and spend a day or two with them. And thanks for dropping by my blog.

Miss L

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Tangle challenges

School holidays! Yay! It has been very, very cold here though so I've been house-bound. The cancer fatigue has been playing hell for the last week or so too, so staying inside not doing much has been needed.

My beautiful children  - 20 and 18 - have been having a short holiday together in Melbourne. I love that my kids are so close. I didn't ever have that with my brother (only a couple of years older than me) so it is a relief to see that my two love each other so much. 

It's also a relief that BoyBoy has finally got his provisional driver's licence. It's been a long time coming. He's had a car for a while (his 18th birthday present from us) but he just needed to pass that %$##@ test so he can drive it on his own. All good now.

Diva #323 - home

My first thought when I saw this week's challenge was the word 'Freedom'. That's what my home means to me. My home in Australia, with our freedoms of speech, of movement, of religion, which I've been teaching my Year 8 students recently. Then my home being my house and my family with my freedom to relax, to love and be loved, and to be safe. So, freedom was the focus of my tile today.

Made by Joey

This week's Made by Joey challenge is based on a star shaped string. I followed Ilse's suggestion and filled it with Auraknot, then filled the border with reticula from the Zentangle Primer. It's a relief to be finished with the Alphabet challenge - enjoyed doing it but 26 weeks was a long time.

Shelly Beauchamp CZT

I'm going to be spending two days drawing with Shelly soon. Can't wait.

This time last year when the Diva presented the 'home' challenge I was on day two of my time with Shelly. This week's challenge was a nice reminder of what was and what is to come.

I'm travelling to Hobart on Thursday morning in time to attend the National English Teacher's conference. I've got 2 and a half days there, then driving north to Launceston and Shelly for a couple of days. I'll then travel to a little country town called Deloraine for a couple of days before coming home. Looking forward to every part of the trip.

The last couple of days I've been making a little present for Shelly here's a sneak peak.

Other drawing

I've not been drawing much lately. Cancer fatigue and other busy-ness has gotten in the way. However, yesterday I found this tea pot that I bought ages ago to draw on. I started off being really careful but tea pots are really, really hard to draw on. So, I went crazy.

Here is my Zentangle Graffiti Tea Pot.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great week.

Miss L

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Tangle challenges

A few topics to cover today so let's get into it. The only drawing I've been doing is the Diva Challenge and finishing off 4 weeks of Made by Joey.

Diva #322 - Aquafleur

This is a tangle I like when other people use it but can rarely get it right myself. Here are my two attempts.

Made by Joey

I have not been keeping up with these. I was so close to completing the set! I've put a big effort in over the last couple of evenings to finish this series. 

Bathroom renovations

The ensuite is done. Yay! We're extremely happy with it. The day after it was finished I went to one of my favourite stores and bought nice things to furnish the room with. The main bathroom renovation started this week too. Not fun being at home with the sounds of tiles being scraped off the walls with some noisy machine. And the tile dust is everywhere. Again. It will be worth it.

In Sydney with Moo

Last week I went to Sydney with my daughter Moo. The purpose of the trip was to see a Drag show. The show had Drag Queens who have featured in Ru Paul's Drag Race. Moo and I, and everyone else, were screaming our heads off when each Queen was announced. Sooooooo excited to see these ladies live. 

Spent the afternoon before the show at a cat cafe called Catmosphere. Half an hour of playing with sleepy kittens followed by time amongst the end of year sales in Pitt St, which is one a major shopping district in the Sydney central business district. I was content to crowd watch while Moo shopped.

Here's a photo of my second favourite Queen, Alyssa Edwards. My fav is Ru Paul of course. Such a great night. Thanks Moo for introducing me to this world.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L